Useful Tools

Miscellaneous useful tools and links for Bitcoin Cash users

Historical and Statistical Information

Since even before its formal inception Bitcoin Cash has been following the vision to create sound money. Currently, in the Bitcoin Cash community, there are thousand merchants who accept Bitcoin Cash, around 18 million Bitcoin Cash addresses created and almost 1400 Bitcoin Cash meetups worldwide. Bitcoin Cash's consensus protocol has led us to reach 86% of the money supply and 3200% more block capacity.

Conversion Tool

Bitcoin Cash address format is called CashAddr and it has been designed to facilitate Bitcoin Cash user experience and bring clarity at the time of transactions. From a technical perspective it uses a different encoding and visually it contrasts with legacy addresses. From a functional point of view it works the same.
CashAddr format is encouraged throughout the entire Bitcoin Cash community. For more information visit CashAddr

Enter a Bitcoin Cash address below to convert it into either CashAddr format or Legacy format.

Block Explorers

Block Explorers are online tools to look up information on the blockchain. These information include checking the transactions, balances of addresses, individual blocks information, transaction histories and more. You can use this to confirm receipt of a payment without even looking at your actual Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Blockdozer Explorer is one of the main Bitcoin Cash explorer and is known to be a reliable source for looking up the blockchain information. Explorer is an easy to use Bitcoin Cash explorer and are known to be one of the biggest Bitcoin Cash supporters in the space.

Blockchair Explorer contains lots of comprehensive information and links about the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.